TooFaced #NOFILTER Selfie Palette Review

Today is my birthday and I am celebrating with the new Selfie Palette by TooFaced! I’ve had this palette since it’s release and have been using it religiously and now I want to share it with you! TooFaced released a new palette for Summer 2015 that comes with 3 light filtering photo-enhancing powders that claim to take you to selfie perfection. TooFaced is always on the leading edge of makeup and beauty trends. The #NOFILTER Selfie Palette wants to help you break necks on Instagram. The palette itself comes in an easy to carry light weight cardboard case that can easily be stored in your purse for on the go photo touch-ups. 

Here is an up close look:


The powders are very fine and feel very silky. Surprisingly there is no fall out. I was apprehensive about carrying it around in my purse thinking that the fall out would ruin the inside of my makeup bag (which I am very sensitive too) but there is literally none. It really clings to your brush and blends into your skin without leaving a horrible mess. So it is great for on the go selfie taking! 
Although this is a universal palette, it will look different on different skin tones and honestly, you may like the way it looks on your girlfriend more than you do on yourself. For most people, mixing the shades from the palette together is going to be the best bet but none-the-less, you will still look amazing! I’ve tried all 3 shades and I love all of them but for different parts of my face. In my photo and video for this blog post, I used the palette and I think it really looks amazing! Since I try to take a selfie a day, I’ve used it quite often in my instagram photos. Sunrise and Totally Toasted give me the most bronzy looks. I naturally have tanned skin so you may think my swatches are weakly pigmented but that is how the product goes on because they are for diffusing an iridescent filter which brightens up your whole complexion. 

You can buy the TooFaced Selfie Palette at any number of premium beauty shops like Sephora or Ulta.

xoxo….Keep smiling!!
Daisi Jo  

Watch my full review below!

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