Fruit Infused Water Bottle for Summer Workouts

I always aim to live a healthy life in a smart way meaning that I try to avoid taking unhealthy shortcuts. Of course that doesn’t mean I am perfect at everything. In fact, I pretty much suck at drinking the appropriate amounts of water on the daily basis. Recently I was introduced to ChilAqua, a water bottle with a built-in diffuser

It defuses the fruit throughout the water giving your water a better last and some added nutritional benefits too. You can mix your fruit , veggies and even herbs to get the infused flavor you want. The ChilAqua even comes with a recipe ebook so you get some creative ideas of how to mix your water in different ways.

The ChilAqua Infused water bottles are easy to use. It is made of durable Tritan copolyester material which is odorless,tasteless, stain resistant and safe. The bottle is BPA Free, dishwasher safe and trust me on this, it absolutely doesnt leak! Also, the fruit doesnt seep through the holes even after several refills wen the fruit may get a little soggy but thats a different matter all together. You can order your ChilAqua Water Bottle on Amazon,

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