Luxquisite Hair Salon Leave-In Conditioner Product Review

Luxquisite Leave In Conditioner

You guys know I have crazy unruly curly frizzy hair, which means it dries out and is susceptible to breaking off rather easily. I have to moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more! I’m always looking for new products for my hair, especially those that have natural ingredients!  That said, I stumbled upon Luxquisite’s Leave-In Conditioner a few weeks ago when they asked me to do a review on them for my blog. After reading other bloggers reviews and experiences with the product, I figured it was worth giving the product a try.  It’s not a widely known product yet but I think it’s got potential to be one of those hidden gems. There are several things I like about Luxquisite’s conditioner: it smells great because of the aloe vera and green tea, doesnt leave a filmy residue and leaves a nice shine to your hair without making it feel greasy. There is a lot more Ive got to say about the product in my video review of Luxquisite's Leave-In Conditioner. Watch my full review where I share with you everything I like about the product and demonstrate how to use it!

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