Swim On Cap | Swim cap for Long, Thick, Curly Hair Review and Demo

I made myself look silly for you!  I feel like a bonehead but for a very, very good reason! My hair of course. The makers of the Swim On Cap recently sent me a sample to do a video demo and talk about here on my blog. Made specifically for people with long curly, voluminous hair, the SwimOn Cap prevents your hair from getting wet, drying out and becoming matted under the cap. It is made of silicone and is pretty heavy duty. It’s durable for even the thickest mane. It great fro protecting you hair against chlorine, the sun and other chemicals and detergents.

There are plenty of videos out their  showing  you how to wear a swim cap and putting this one is no different but I was asked to do a demo video so that you can see this particular product in action. Here are some important tips to keep in mind while you are putting on your cap:

  • you should tie hair up at the crown of your head.
  • don’t use metal or pointy hair clips because it could pierce through silicone
  • protect your hair from chlorine
  • you want to use your fingers (not your nails) to handle the cap because it could make a hole in the cap
  • place the cap over the crown of your head first. 
  • In my video I give you a full demo of how to wear the Swim On Cap! 

Here are steps to putting on the Swim On Cap:

Swim On Swim Cap

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