Baby Wipes for your Booty | Heavenly Bottoms Review

Heavenly Bottoms

Hey Ladies,

I discovered a great new beauty product for your booty! Yes, your booty! 
Heavenly Bottoms sent me a box of their new product, “The Little Details” Cleansing Wipettes. Let me just say that they are really awesome! So, I’m sure many of you use those baby wipes for the “extra clean” touch that probably leaves you  feeling a little like you should be in diapers than sexy lingerie, right? Heavenly Bottoms is made for women, not little girls that want to smell like baby powder! The wipes are super soft and have a scent that is refreshing without over powering whatever other fragrance you have on. What else I loved about Heavenly Bottoms is that they come individually wrapped so you don’t have to carry around a bulky pack of 10 in your purse. They fit discreetly in your pocket, purselet or clutch and can easily be discarded since they are flushable and biodegrabable. See for yourself in my video review where I give you a full demo of the product - minus my little details, of course! 

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