Night Running LED Headlamp Review

Hey My Nighttime Athletic Outdoorsy Friends!

Vitchelo asked me to try and review their new CREE LED headlamp so I’m just getting started with this unboxing. A little known fact about me, I actually LOVE night runs! So therefore a headlamp is absolutely necessary. I’ve tried several headlamps and some of them were good, a few great but for the most part I was disappointed for a few isolated reasons. First, the battery charge was short lived and/or the life of the headlamp was extremely short. Second, the band broke down from wear, tear and sweat too quickly, leaving me with an out of shape headlamp  that I could d no longer adjust to fit my head. Lastly, the headlamp itself was just too heavy and bobbed up & down while I ran cause an annoying sensation and headache.

This headlamp by Vitchelo is great for running, camping, biking, hiking, climbing, kayaking and a bunch of non-physical activities such as reading! yes, I’ve tried that! This V800 model is waterproof, has white CREE 168 lumens with a beam distance of up to 110 meters. All together there are 6 levels of lighting and two separate switches for the red and white light.  It also has two modes for the red light (one steady and one flashing). The white light has 4 modes. The beam angle is adjustable to 45 degrees. 

During my unboxing and initial review, I really like the fit of the headband. I thought the buttons to switch between light modes where a little stiff because the headlamp was so new. After I shot the unboxing I used it on my first run and kept it on the steady white light. 

For a limited time, Vitchelo is offering a buy one, get a free silicone bracelet as a gift. They also have a great refund policy that goes up to 60 days money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. 

You can purchase the product on Amazon, 

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