Resistance Tubes by Style II Fitness Review

Resistance Bands arent new but they are making a comeback as more people look for more portable workout routines that can also provide a challenge. Style II Fitness sent me this bundle of resistance tubes in a variety of intensities to try and demo. The package came in a set of 5 tubes ranging from  levels of 5 to 115 lbs - 5 Bands (Yellow Blue Red Green & Black).

During my tutorial I stuck to a the blue tube to get me through my workout and I used the padded handles. The kit also comes with an upgraded padded ankle strap & door handle. All tube bands are 48" in length so you do have to worry about the bands not being long enough or strong enough.I have yet to try it but these bands are also great paired with routines such as CrossFit P90. I personally use the bands for exercising at home by incorporating them into my pilates and yoga practice. 

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