I was super excited when I received these brushes because I can’t remember when was the last time I’ve come across a better set for the price! We’ve all been frustrated by spending money on brush sets that we think are going to be a great value and being disappointed when they fall apart after a few uses. Well, De Prettilicious sent me a 5-pcx brush set to try out and upon unboxing them, I knew I was going to be happy with the product.  De Prettilious has done a “Crazy” launch sale for their 5-pcs Kabuki Brush Set! It comes with this great hard case holder that has snaps! YESS!! I hate when my brushes fall out of the case because the case isn’t secure. The brush set typically retails at $119.90 but it is available through their Amazon store for a limited time for $39.90! The Kabuki Brush Set includes a Round Kabuki, Flat Kabuki, Flat Angled Kabuki, Angled Kabuki and a Tapered Kabuki. In my unboxing video and throughout my review video, you get to see the brushes up-close. 

These are “vegan friendly" high quality brushes. They are made with Duo UST (Ultra Sleek Taklon) fiber using an interlocking technic that blends fine fibers at the tip to keep them stiff in the center that improves the durability of the brush while providing a flawless, high- definition makeup application.  The hair is hand-cut to deliver a flawless application.  The handles are handmade of solid birch wood with double crimped ferrule.

The De Prettilicious Amazon store also has a few other makeup applicators eyelashes, blending sponges, and cleansing sponges. They also offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like the product! Here is a link to the Kabuki Brush Set,

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