Weight loss Tea, is Pu-erh Tea Better Than Green Tea?

Hey Guys!
It’s the holidays and we are all eating insanely crazy but I know in the back of your mind (like mine) you are thinking about how in the world you are going to shed those extra holiday pounds in time for New Years Eve! A few weeks ago I was sent a package of Nature-Slim Tea to try out and do a review. Honestly, some times I am a bit skeptical about “diet” products or teas offering you magical results in your sleep but there was something kind of interesting about this tea once it arrived. First, it actually smelled and tasted good. So, I quickly found myself drinking 3 cups on the first day. Which BTW is the maximum you are supposed to drink this tea per day anyway. So, the idea that a tea, that is supposed to help you loose weight actually tastes good is amazing. Secondly, I immediately noticed a decrease in my appetite and I was urinating more which means I am expelling waste faster. Yay!! 

Third, the tea didn’t give me the “runs” if you know what I mean because it is non diuretic.  The tea is 100% natural containing oolong tea which is known for keeping weight down. I did notice a boost in my metabolism and energy for several days, especially during my morning exercises. There were times when I think the teas suppressed my hunger but then there were some moments when I felt that my appetite was more. Both could be very true since there is a boost to the metabolism. 

Although all of the flavors were good, my favorite flavor is the Oolong Mint because it is very refreshing. Over the next several days, I will continue to sample the teas and will probably order a new package of my favorite flavor. I can easily see this becoming a consistent part of my diet. Check out Natures-Slim Tea for yourself at,  http://www.natures-slimtea.com

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