3D Fiber Lash Extension Mascara Review & Demo

Hey Beautiful People!

Today I tried this fantastic mascara product: 3D Fiber Lash Extension Mascara from CollectionByBunny.com I was asked to try out the product, do a demo and give some honest feedback on my experience with the product.
First I really, really have to tell you how much I love the case that the mascara came in. It is absolutely sleek and sexy. I think it would be great to double it as a very, very minimalistic clutch because it is hard-cased so very little (or just enough) cam fit inside.

The Mascara Set came with 2 tubes. The first tube is a transplanting gel and the second tube contains the natural fibers. After applying the two tubes, I saw my lashes go to extreme lengths. They literally look 300% longer than they naturally are. Not only were they longer but my lashes looked thicker, fuller and healthier. 

During my application, I had some fallout but that was due more to me being comfortable with applying the mascara and technique than the product itself. An added bonus is that the mascara is waterproof! Yes, cry and sweat proof so you can laugh until you cry during romantic comedies and you can squat your butt off at the gym without having to worry about your mascara running down your face. I even went for a run after I did my review and my mascara was still in perfect condition.

Although you are applying the transplanting gel over your regular mascara, there is no clumping.  It was extremely easy to wash off. They was no black residual clumpy mascara or fallout when I went to remove the mascara. My eyeliner was more difficult to remove than the mascara! 

You can grab your own set of 3D Fiber Lash Mascara from Collection By Bunny on Amazon, http://amzn.to/28OzdS2
The product was shipped to be super quick (I got it in two days)! When I ordered the mascara set, customer service was fantastic at providing me with packaging and shipping details.  

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