Czech Crystal Glass Nail Files from Bona Fide Beauty Review

Hey Ladies,

These glass nail files have been on the rise for a few years now but they seem to be getting more and more popular and for very good reasons! Not only are they extremely cute, they are also much more efficient than the regular emery board nail files. A word of caution though, if you drop it, they're going to break. They give your nails a really smooth finish and you won’t have any kind of hangnails. I think you can even skip the step of using a buffer!  You definitely will feel the difference between your emery board nail file and the czech glass one.

So how do you do it? Almost just like you would a regular nail file, except you can go back and forth because it isn't going to create that crazy friction and nail fragments like your old regular board. Also might I mention, you don’t have to experience that black flakes of the emery board shedding all over your skin and clothes. Personally, that always drove me insane!! I did a complete video review on these nail files so you can see exactly what you would be getting and you can also see them in full action.

Supposedly they wear out kind of quickly but upon my research, I’ve also learned that they last longer because they are much easier to store and clean. Actually these czech glass nail files are easily sanitizable!  All you have to do is wash them with soap and warm water. Apparently, the file will get smooth making it more difficult to file your nails but I have also heard that they rejuvenate is some way (perhaps from drying out after you wash them). However,  I haven’t had mine long enough to see if they actually DO rejuvenate! I will definitely be testing that out! I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t have to replace them at some point. However, I guess just not as often as you would a typical nail file.  On the safety tip though, you really should keep these in the sleeve that they come in because if they break than at least it will break in the sleeve and not shatter all over the place.  

A set of 4 runs $15.95. They come individually wrapped in their own reusable sleeve. I’ve included the link to Bona Fide Beauty’s Amazon page where you can purchase the Czech Glass Files and check out some of their other similar products,

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