Nightlife: Flagship Agency Fall 2014 Launch Event

Last week Flagship Agency held their Fall 2014 Launch Event which coincided with DTLA’s ArtWalk festivities! #FunFunFun

Flagship Agency is a really amazing venue with awesome high-ceiling and an open atmosphere that makes it a great venue for evening experiences. Live music was performed by Hollywood band, The Buttertones. From their Facebook, I learned they have mastered the soundtrack to a breakup. Maybe I should have been introduced to them several months ago.

Fair Spirits
This is my second event at Flagship and the drink menu is pretty darn awesome! Here is where I was first introduced to Fair Spirits, made from Quinoa. The concept of what a vodka is has definitely expanded but since Quinoa qualifies as a starch/grain than it’s still in the vodka family! The cocktails also called for Kombucha. Kombucha is strong by itself so I;m sure you can imagine it mixed with vodka. Surprisingly, Fair Vodka doesn’t have too much of a sharp bite to it. I had a shot and their is a little bite at the end but overall it is a very smooth spirit. All of the cocktails were mixed with KeVita Kombucha. 

I tried all of the Vodka cocktails but stayed FAR away from the Tequila!  KeVita Cocktails were:
     - Kicking KeVita
     - The Flagship
     - Master Blaster
     - Peach Fizz 

Not necessarily in the order that I tried them and I don’t quite remember what the Peach Fizz Cocktail taste like. 
Laura Tu from Flagship gave me a tour of all of the brands that were on display. Here is the rundown:

- The Wedge designed by HEIMPLANTIs 2 2 people tent, measured at (45x22x22 cm). It is inflatable and easy to setup and breakdown. It is great a way to  approach the minimalistic backpacking lifestyle. 

- MrKT (Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger):Carried in U.S. trend retailers such as Ubran Outfitters, MrKT is design through inspirational designs based around architecture. The cuts are clean and approach carrying accessories like tote bags, computer sleeves and backpacks with a social conscious using vegan leathers, recycled and biodegradable textiles.

KWay: Besided the fact that Taylor Swift wore them in her video, Kway totally reminds me of the 80’s. I would know best since I am a child of the 80’s myself. Can you say Run DMC?

- SLVDR: It’s Movember and SLVDR speaks to the definitive man of the moment. A little scruff - well a lot of scruff, a less baggy cargo and more slender pant, middle america mixed with east and west coast swag.

- BucketFeet: Connecting people through Art - wearable art! I love this concept because not only is it a great conversation starter but it also create sustainable revenue resources for artist in areas where previously, they not have had it. Through BucketFeet, artists apply to be and artist by submitting work. 
- Lumi: Ok this is an awesome concept that’s a bit complex to explain but innovation has taken us a long way for sure. Lumi is a do-it-yourself Vat Dye (Inkodye) system that only needs sunlight to activate. Learn more at,
- Item Denim- I don’t get to feature much men’s fashion on here but I really fell in love with Item Denim. I especially love their Raw Love collection of raw denim!

Iten Denim

Alpha Industries, Inc.
Weekend Offender, Lifetime Collective, Lumi
The Buttertones

Flagship Agency
MrKT -Mad Rabbit Kicking Tiger

KeVita Kombucha

And Me, Daisi Jo!

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