Daisi holding Multi-Vitamin Chews
The weather has been up and down and my stress levels have gone through the roof so these vitamins bounced into my life just in the nick of time! A week ago, I felt my immune system going down because I started to feel a little sick. So, I doubled up on everything including these multi-vitamins from Healthy Delights. I am already completely out of these vitamins! I finished them off today which should tell you something. In fact, it should tell you a lot but just watch my video for a full explanation. Yes, they are REALLY that good! I even wolf-down one on camera while doing this review! They are also filled with essential nutrition without the unnecessary fillers such as gluten, artificial colors and preservatives. Check them out at your local Walgreens and download their Special Offer to save $2.00.   

Also, check out other vitamins from Healthy Delights, Probiotic Chocolate Bites and Hair, Skin & Nails Chews. I'll have reviews of these two posted soon!

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