Smile Bright Instant Teeth Whitening Kit plus Promo Code

I am a stickler for white teeth! I have been using teeth whitening products for a long time now and consider myself a self proclaimed expert on the matter regarding which products are best. Historically, Ive been a slight bit in favor of Crest White Stripes and Rembrandt in which its kind of ridiculous to tear me away from those brands but somehow Smile Bright has won the "tug of war!  So who is Smile Bright? Smile Bright specializes teeth whitening techniques and processes. In this review I show you the before and after of how my teeth looked from the teeth whitening process. It is a little hard to tell from these photos but there was a noticeable improvement. Below are some important notes about the product but watch my review video in its entirety to see how it works and what to do,

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Smile Bright uses the highest concentration of carbide peroxide based gel rounding up at 44%. this breaks down to a 16.5% hydrogen peroxide based gel mixed with an LED lighting system.  The regular peroxide you can buy in the store is only at 3% whereas over the counter whitening kits/strips are between 6-8%.  

When the peroxide comes in contact with light it starts to break down. Using the LED light makes the gel to break down at a faster pace forcing it to go into an oxidation process.  When the gel breaks down on the surface of your teeth, it also breaks down stains and buildup that is on your teeth as well. However, it is not powerful enough to break down the enamel on your teeth,making it  safe for your teeth and entire mouth.

After applying the gel, mouth guards and LED light, you will notice that your saliva will start to build up.  This is good because the saliva is mixing with the gel, spreading it around so that it gets evenly distributed to all of your teeth including the  back of your teeth, and behind your teeth.

it is recommended that you do 2 sessions back to back because once the gel breakdown, it is no longer effective and you want to get the best possible results. So  you should rinse out your mouthpiece, reapply the gel and do for a second session. It is also recommended that you use this product 3 times per week for the first 1-2 weeks and then less frequently for maintenance.

You don’t want your gums to be sensitive when you do the teeth whitening process so do not brush your teeth before you start.  
The palate (top of your mouth) may be sensitive. If so, remove the product, rinse and wait a few days to continue. If possible, plan ahead when you are going to do the teeth whitening process and refrain from eating things like chips, hard breads and hot or spicy foods that have a tendency to make small tears in the tops of our mouths.  When the  gum is cut or burned the peroxide will get inside and clean it out but it will also hurt a little depending on your sensitivity levels. Only use a small, spaghetti width noodle of gel on your syringe. Adding more will not whiten your teeth more or any faster. It will just make you salivate more.  

 Lastly, if you experience your gums starting to turn white or have white spots do not freak out! This is normal it is called blanching and 
it will go away shortly after you are done. It is not harmful in any way. It simply means that  peroxide got into your gums - nothing major!

For the sake of preservation, do not store the gel in direct sunlight. If you take care of the kit, the gel has a shelf life of 2 years. Don’t forget to order your kit,

Before Smile Bright
During the Process

After Smile Bright!

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