Hummus Republic DTLA Restaurant Row's Fast Casual Mediterranean

Hummus Republic DTLA

I’m torn over this review having mediterranean roots and a hard affection for the authentic real deal but after weeks of being open, I took the plunge - to go! The good news: I liked the “fast food” theme in which you can walk in and order. The food is made quick with minimal prep as everything is, of course, pre-prepared. I ordered the  standard Falafel Salad and requested a pita on the side in which they threw in for free - BONUS!! I don’t typically like flavored hummus but I ordered the chipotle version so that I would have some kind of contrast to review in hopes of not knee-jerking into comparing Hummus Republic to some of the more authentic mediterranean places around LA or some of the oldie but goodie staples such as Zankou’s Chicken for which I humbly "bow down".

The gentleman that was servicing me made it a point to mention that the falafels are made fresh so they would take a few minutes to cook. They were good but unfortunately I didn’t want to "call my momma".

On the other hand the staff is a little confused as to which is the most efficient way to execute the prep line; making it a little confusing even for me to figure out was is going to happen next.  The place is small with a a few seats on the inside and a few in the outdoor patio. This place used to be called something but I don’t remember the name as I didn’t find it appealing. With the rebranding and a fresh menu, it definitely has a new spark and offers an alternative to the many watering holes and slider joints on the block. Hummus Republic also offers some competition to the cornering Panini Stop on Spring & 7th Street which is a contrast in menu but falls in the same food category of healthy alternative fast food.

In a nutshell I will be back to Hummus Republic. Hopefully it doesn’t morph into something else before I return.

Hummus Republic
225 W. 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014
Phone. (213) 399-5997
Fax. (213) 265-7902
Open Daily 11a-9p

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