DTLA Nightlife:The Luxe Hotel

Ahhh, photo-opt!
Halloween Eve I went out to celebrate full force in pre-costume. I thought I was going to be a version of Catwoman but honestly I didn’t fully commit. The Luxe Hotel was hosting a special event for Lockton Ins. and I’ve got plenty of friends over there so I was inspired to join in on the celebration. We enjoyed so oldie but goodie covers performed by Matt Shockley  who also performed some original songs from his albums. 

Being this was my first time seeing Matt perform, I didn’t know what to expect in terms of style,etc. but he was really engaging. 
The patio of the Luxe is more comfortable than I remember it being last time I was there. I enjoyed the fire pit and these incredible deviled eggs. We had quite a bit of everything that unfortunately didn’t make it on this post but hopefully I will bring you more photos and a menu review from the Luxe Hotel’s restaurant, Stafford + Mathis Kitchen. Until then, enjoy a Chocolate Espresso Martini!

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