Sasmar Original 2-In-1 Personal Lubricant Review

Sasmar sent me a bottle of their SASMAR® ORIGINAL 2-in-1 Personal Lubricant to try out and do a honest review. Sasmar is made in France and  isnt widely known in the States but it is sold in over 60 countries so there seems to be some traction with the product. Before they contacted me I hadnt heard of them. So to start let give you a brief introduction to this Sasmar product. The Sasmar Original 2-in-1 Personal Lubricant is for both sexual and non-sexual massages. It is made of Dimethicone and Dimethiconol, Cyclomethicone and does not contain skin irritants such as fragrances, parabens, sugars and other oils. This is also good for use with condoms because it will not breakdown the latex as such additives often can.

The Sasmar Original 2-in-1 Personal Lubricant is more ideal for massages than sexual activity but it is a dual product and is efficient for both. Sasmar is a really nice feeling lubricate and it is long lasting. As I talk about in my video review, I actually used it to do a self massage. I am typically not one for lubricants because of the chemical imbalance it can leave on the skin causing irritations, not to mention vaginal discomfort if the lubricant has ingredients like sugar. However, Sasmar leaves no evidence it was every there. You are simply left with  a silky  smooth and soft feeling on the skin. After my massage, I typically feel the need to wash off the massage oils or body glide products but this time I just kept going with my day. I felt like it actually added an extra layer of moisture to my skin which I don’t know if that would be considered typical for a personal lubricant but hey, you learn something new everyday!

One of the drawbacks of the product is that the lubricant leaks out of the pump bottle rather easy so you should make sure that the bottle stays right-side up or else your will ned up with more product on the outside than on the inside. I didn’t find that it warmed up like other lubricants that I have used which we know that a warm lubricant helps  intensify the massage or sexual pleasure. 
You can check out Sasmar’s Original 2-in-1 and other items from their product line by visiting their website at,

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