The Sister Accord for iPad and iPhone

I love The Sister Accord! The Sister Accord is a global movement focused on getting 1 billion girls and women to agree to live the principles of LOVE & respect as they interact with each other. The movement was founded by Sonia Jackson Myles, author of The Sister Accord: 51 Ways To LOVE Your Sister Book

A few months ago they launched The Sister Accord iPhone/iPad and Android App with Top-Fan. The app allows you to keep up to date with The Sister Accord events, friends, photos, videos and news related to The Sister Accord. 

I have been using the app to follow all of The Sister Accord social media pages and to keep up with The Sister Accord Challenges to help spread The Sister Accord message throughout my friends and network! To see my full review of The Sister Accord app, watch my review on Daisi JoReviews Youtube Channel!

Join the movement at, Download the free mobile app here,
You can also follow The Sister Accord on Twitter @thesisteraccord and Like the page on Facebook at,

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