We Can Learn Gratitude In the Wake of 9/11 | Filmmakers Commemorative Edition

This is not my typical light hearted fancy beauty product review or fashion flair haul video. This post is about what has given me the freedom to choose do those things without fear, failure, judgement and most of all love for who I am and who we all are. 

9/11 Filmmakers Commemorative Edition

When I look back on the past 13 years I understand that I am grateful for 9/11, what it taught me and hopefully what it can teach you too. I have spoken and written very little about 9/11 since I left New York. Most days I no longer think about it. I see it as an event. Something that happened. Another thing that I survived but I will never forget what 9/11 taught me. 9/11 taught me not to live in fear of anything. Absolutely fear nothing. That is the best lesson you can get in life. Since 9/11 I have had several “life crises” and “WTF” moments but I never take residence in fear.  9/11 taught me to Be Strong and Carry On!

That day surviving was that matter of deciding to turn right or left. Taking the subway or choosing to walk, run and when to stop. In the days after 9/11 I had the privilege to have access into Manhattan. I went everyday to walk, to see, to look, to help, to ask and to know more about what had happen to others and what has changed. I learned that 9/11 was a event. For many people around the world 9/11 happens everyday, all day. Many people, even in America are constantly living their own version of 9/11.  Fear of themselves, of others, "the unknown", "what might happen", "what if’s", "because of’s" and "I don’t want’s”. A constant state of fear instead of life. 

We should all be grateful for 9/11. For once we got to feel, see, hear and experience what others endure everyday. It brought out the survival instinct in each and every one of us. For a moment 9/11 allowed us to overcome our racism, sexism, prejudice, educational differences, socio-economic divide. For New Yorkers 9/11 allowed us to thrive in a way that we are often laughed, ridiculed and poked fun of. We were badasses, heroes and friends. We freely shared our American pride and it was awesome. 

Be Free America, Be Fearless! 

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