How Many Nights Is A One Night Stand? Two Night Stand Movie Review

Lets just say I’m just glad there was no drug use! Oh, wait there was and that’s kind of a disappointment considering that this is a romantic comedy that is supposed to be chuck full of hot romance and young love.  I get it, it’s “modern” twist replacing casual “milk section” encounters with mobile app phenoms like Tinder. These days it is hard to believe that any kind of weather can really keep us trapped in a place we don’t want to be. However, a New York blizzard has managed to turn two strong-minded teens (and I am being funny) into self deprecating adults facing a mid-life crisis. 

Ok, yes, it is a new generation with a lot more insecurities and fallen dreams than some before us but Alec and Megan make life seem unbearable considering that neither of these two really good looking people can’t get connected in real life but maybe snowy nights is what Tinder is for. Maybe if they dropped some real snow in L.A. I would give it a go! #jokingnotjoking

Two Night Stand does do a good job in breaking down the taboo issue of talking about sex openly and honestly on screen in a way that made some people in the audience uncomfortable. If I had to focus on what was done extremely well, I would say that was it. The film broke down how "situationships" and "textationships" start in the first place for this generation which is very different from our parents.  Megan definitely has leverage yet is blinded by  stumbling into a new uncertain world through her eyes. That is most people's story these days but somehow everyone gets through it. After being dumped by her boyfriend and steamrolled into setting up a one night stand with Alec; both find themselves together in a “false-forced" set of circumstances that I think does something coincidentally wonderful for both of them. For Megan, it’s a bit empowering. Alec definitely likes her more than she does him. She is a better catch although from her perspective her life is falling apart. Alec on the other hand is playing “payback” to his girlfriend, Daisy. 

The whole drama ramps up when Megan bolts off and out of Alec’s life for what seems for good. Of course a romantic comedy isn’t a comedy or romantic unless there is a bit of a cat and mouse. Megan disappears into the snow, deleting her dating profile and all. Alec desperate to pin down Megan; manages to leverage a few favors which lands Megan in an jail cell as a result of an earlier "movie moment" where they break and enter a neighbors apartment. At last Alec has his girl right where he wants her and this movie can end like a real romantic comedy should; kissing in the middle of a New York City street! Is this the happy ending we all dream about? Check out my full video review,

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