Paella and Sanngria | Spain Restaurant Review

Some say Sundays should be reserved for Sangria! The Sangria Jarra Grande will slowly intoxicate you, creeping up on you like a thief in
 the night, hopefully rescuing you from mediocrity. 

Pulling up to Spain Restaurant is not a highlighted event. In fact it is a bit creepy and shady but some adventures are worth the shadiness when the reward is good Sangria. The building is pretty bare with a large half paved parking lot. It's a little 3rd world, yet we are in LA. Once inside Spain Restaurant, it feels more like South America than Europe. I was grateful for the Spanish staff versus American or Mexican. We were particularly disappointed with the bread and butter.  I seriously pissed my bread because it was as dry as cardboard. Fortunately, the Sangria made up for it. I was expecting some creamy freshly churned butter, instead we got Country Crock.The Sangria didn't make up for that but the Croquetas De Pollo did. I really liked the Croquetas De Pollo. They were hot and meaty with a really good flavor. I liked them perhaps more than the Paella Mixta itself.

The empanadas were special. Deep fried not baked! There was something missing from the Paella. For the past few days I haven't been able to put my finger on it exactly. The seafood didn't grab you like well prepared seafood does. The rice was good but something about it left me empty, like it never happened. You know that feeling you get when you just finish eating something but you don't feel like you ate anything? That feeling!  It is said that energy runs through food and we literally eat the energy that is in the food. I believe that. 

The place has a bit of a depressed vibe. It's not the exotic, lively and vibrate cultural exuberance you may experience while eating in a tucked away cafe in Spain. The service is a bit slow and the mood awkward. Humorous sarcasm doesn’t go over very well, even when appropriate.  We stayed until half past closing. You know it is time to go when the chairs are being propped up on the tables and the lights have gone half cast. With no other bars, cocktail houses or discos in "yelp sight" we headed back to the new 1rst world, DTLA. 

Spain Restaurant
1866 Glendale Blvd
Echo Park, CA

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