Lingerie Haul from Fallas Paredes

Surprisingly Fallas Paredes carries a great collection of lingerie items in their landmark location in Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA). In my earlier experiences of visiting some of the other locations I didn’t have the same experience as most stores are much smaller than the one on Broadway & 5th Street. If you are not attached to designer or name brand undergarments than you will definitely have a field day in this department. Although I have found styles from brands such as XOXO, Bebe and several others most of the selection is aftermarket, private label and no name brands. Much of the inventory can range from basic bras, socks, pantyhose and so forth to more costume style outfits, which makes shopping there so much fun because you never know what you are in store for.

In this video I feature two selections from no name brands. The first outfit (if you can call lingerie an outfit) is a mismatch of sorts. The pink bustier bra was only $2.99 and the yellow brief-kini was $1.99. I know it isn’t really called a brief-kini but that is my new name for them. The second “outfit” was $3.99 for the set. It really has a soft feminine look. Believe it or not the fabric is extremely durable and stiff. It is almost like an old school, 1950’s type of garment in terms of the feel of the fabric.

Now you may be wondering about quality. Well, I just recently put the mismatch two-piece to the test. I happen to wear them in a hot tube (it was rather spontaneous) in which as you know chlorine can ruin almost any kind of fabric. However, after I rinsed it out with cold water, the items did not fall apart. There has been much discussion about the longevity and quality of clothing purchased from discount retailers. I will address this further in a later post! For now, enjoy the video!

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