The Bouqs Company Flower Subscription Service Review

Yesterday received my first delivery from The Bouqs Company. The Bouqs Company is a flower service that makes the experience of shopping and purchasing flowers online - better! There are lots of choices on The Bouqs. Not so many choices that you spend crazy mindless hours going through webpages confused between catchy bouquet names and made up occasions. No, The Bouqs  keeps it clean, fresh and simple. Like your flowers should be!

I was requested to review their service, make a video and post a blog about my experience in exchange for this post I was provided with a free bouquet of my choosing. I chose the Desperado Bouquet which is a combination of Pink Roses with Purple Dianthus.

I’ve included photos of how the flowers were delivered and how they look inside the box. The bouquet comes in a long rectangular box. The packaging is extremely secure. So there are minimal issues with receiving damaged flowers. The box comes with flower food and none of the flowers were dead upon arrival. In fact the were all really healthy looking.

Prices start at $40 for the “Original” which comes with 12 roses. The Bouqs also sells a Deluxe for $50 and the “Grand” for $70. All of which includes Free Shipping! Through their website you can schedule recurring delivery and decided which day(s) of the month you want them delivered. As with any traditional florist, you can send a personalized message along with the bouquet. For my delivery I chose something rather generic because for once I couldn’t think of anything super clever.

The website makes ordering is easy. An email confirmation is sent when the flowers are delivered to there destination which is awesome because you never have to frustrate yourself counting the days you think they are supposed to be delivered and then kill yourself trying to track them down if you think you’ve missed the delivery.

Is The Bouqs replacing  companies like 1-800 FLOWERS? Probably! What I can appreciate in addition to convenience of The Bouqs is there consideration for the local florist. According to website, they partner with florists to  help makes their businesses run better and deliver better flowers to their customers. 

What’s exceptional is that The Bouqs only cuts what they sell. Meaning that there aren’t many (if any) wasted flowers. The flowers are almost as fresh as if you cut them yourself. The flowers actually grow 10,000 feet above sea level on the side of an active volcano. This must be a sight to see and I would most certainly hightail myself to Ecuador and scale a volcano to see this…well maybe not climb the volcano but it would be delightful to see this.

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