Summer Jeans Style Haul from Fallas Paredes

Fallas Paredes always has a large inventory of jeans and denim style pants. I’ve collect quite an inventory. Many of these obviously can be worn all year-round. I was never really into Dickies but when I found these at Fallas Paredes, I gave them a shot because I really needed a pair for golfing but after I worn them the first time I thought would pair great with almost any top when I want to just be casual and relaxed. You can’t go wrong with a pair of Stretch denim jeggings. Fallas Paredes has them on the regular basis for dirt cheap so skip Target because Fallas Paredes has them cheaper. If you are lucky enough to be in the proximity of a Fallas Paredes! I swear they are the same quality. I threw a dress into this fashion haul video because I found this cute denim ruffle number for $5.99 and why would I skip out on such a fantastic steal? I tried to keep the accessories to a minimum but since you asked about that gorgeous braided tan belt I wrapped around my waist in this video; I have included some photos of it below! 

Marvel Comics Bodysuit $9.99 
Stretch Denim Jeggings $7.99 
Love Fire Knit Jacket $1.50 
Shredded Tee $1.99 
Black Tank $2.99 
Stretch Denim Jeggings $7.99 
Grey/Black Mesh T-shirt $7.99 
Black Skinny Trousers $9.99 
Dark Blue Dickies $9.99 
Studded Crop Top $3.99 
Reversible Knit Sweater $5.99 
Dark Blue Dickies $9.99 
Denim Ruffle Dress $5.99 
Tan Wide Braided Belt $3.99

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