Every woman needs a purse for ever occasion and some times we need more than one purse for the same occasion, you know - just in case! This summer I really made sure I was prepared with multiple sizes and styles. For complete disclosure, I am featuring a purse or two that I pursed from Fallas Paredes a while back. I can’t get enough of the Gold Tote Bag by Rocawear which is a style copy of Kenneth Cole. It has been my staple throughout the entire summer. I like the deepness of the bag versus the width that the Kenneth Cole version has.  Also, I featured the Bag-O-Lution in this video. If you remember one of my first videos for this My Fallas Look series than you will remember when I found it at Fallas Paredes for $1.99. I have been using it all summer and it actually works! I give a neat little demonstration in my video of how to install the Bag-O-Lution inside my Rocawear tote bag.

If you haven’t been to the second level of Fallas Paredes in Downtown Los Angeles than I highly, highly recommend you check it out. The purse selection is incredible. I can never get enough - never! I hope you enjoy my purse haul. I will be bringing you another one for Fall 2014 with all new purses from Fallas Paredes so keep a look out for one around September 2014. I left our my stockiest lis this time around since Fallas Paredes isn’t currently carrying these items. Nevertheless, the video is worth the watch and the inspiration! 

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