Organic Groceries At Your Door -Kale Cart in DTLA

You have probably only heard of Kale Cart if you live in DTLA. It is a healthy, environmentally friendly concept that falls right in line with the ever growing movement of doing business local. KaleCart delivers weekly bags of organic groceries to your door. For most people this sounds like an extreme luxury that you only get to experience in a place like Los Angeles or the Upper East Side of New York City but services like this have really gotten affordable for most apartment dwellers too busy to take care of daily errands and tasks - nevermind eating. As more entrepreneurs become increasing clever about opportunities to provide services such as shopping and delivering groceries, they are also becoming more environmentally friendly. KaleCart delivers their customers groceries on a bike. If you are old enough to remember going to the store on your bike to get a quart of milk for your mother than you can kind of wrap your head around a service that not only curates your weekly grocery options but also delivers them to your door - on a bike.  Now, I’m going to make you really jealous, KaleCart is exclusive to DTLA but I think Amazon Fresh should watch their back. Judging from my attendance at KaleCart’s Springtime Celebration last week, services like this are likely to start booming considering the low startup costs and easy exit strategy - eat the food, sell the bikes! Seeing this kind of trend reminds me of the doggie daycare boom. It is here to stay!

KaleCart Springtime Celebration 2014 with DTLA Rendezvous & Carrie Cheung

Kale Salad

Lemon Bars

Strawberry Pie & Rhubarb Pie

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