It’s summer and that means it is time to show some SKIN! Heck yeah, I am so excited! I thought I would do a summer series of fashion looks from Fallas Paredes since I shop there so much and LOVE everything I buy from there. In this video I am featuring cute crop tops paired with washed out denim midi shirts and dark denim shorts. I have this really cute skater skirt that makes me feel like a teenager. Haha, we know that’s not true but hey, I won’t tell if you don’t. Lastly, I am loving these high waisted ripped and washed out skinny jeans. It seems they tried to get all of the trending styles in one pair of jeans and it kind of works nice.

Crop Top $3.99
Denim Shorts - $5.99
Almost Famous Skater Circle Skirt - $12.99
Almost Famous Midi Skirt - $16.99
Chello Ripped High Waisted Jeans - $19.99
White Ying/Yang T-shirt - $10.99
Lace Embroidered Frock - $9.99
Black Suede Ruffle Pumps - $5.00 Clearance
Nude Patent Leather Bow Toe Stilettos - $16.99

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