Health In A Box | Bulu Box Subscription Review

There isn’t a single second that I am convinced that anyone really believes they get or maintain a healthy lifestyle from a box. Although I enjoyed experimenting with many of the product during my trial of Bulu Box, I wouldn’t say that I felt anymore healthy than I did when I started. I purchased a 3 month subscription for Bulu Box via Living Social for $15 about several months ago. Typically, the subscription service is $10 per month so I saved 50%; paying $5 per box. Shipping & handling is included  as with other subscription services. 

Just in case you haven’t been introduced to Bulu Box yet, they are  a nutritional subscription service that was founded by a husband and wife team, Paul and Stephanie Jarrett based in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bulu Box focuses on weight loss and diet supplements. According to their website, ( customers will discover 4-5 different product samples each month. If you want to skip through all my the box and product descriptions and head straight down to my video review, you can just scroll to the bottom of this review.

As of today, I still haven't figured out what 'Bulu' stands for - Fijian mythology perhaps? Probably not.

I must confess, I am a hardcore health nut but not in the “pill poppin” sense but receiving my Bulu Box was like a special treat. The chocolate health bars were like desert, the vitamins like candy and the diet pills were like speed. If I could imagine what that would be like! Most of the contents in the Bulu Box were pill based. Bulu Box provides a disclaimers that although the manufacturers and brands providing samples meet necessary requirements to distribute and sell these supplements, most are not  examined by the FDA. 

Bulu Box also has a Rewards Point Program which is pretty straight forward. For each 10 points, you have the equivalent value of a $1 credit towards a full size product. You can earn points by simply signing you for an account. Bulu Box awards each complete profile with 20 points and 10 points for your first paid Bulu Box. They also encourage product reviews by rewarding 10 points for each sample survey you complete.

The subscription service boxes also include additional product promotions and discounts. I got a great album download of meditation music. Each month your box comes with informative facts such Supermarket Secrets. They also include a journal card where you can jot down notes about the products you liked and didn’t like. Check out my review series over my 3 month subscription of Bulu Box. I have pretty much covered everything. Below is a list along with photos of all the products I have tried from Bulu Box:

New Body Nutrition Passiontone: 
(I tried a few pills but you have to take almost all of them to have any "experience". I didn't feel comfortable overloading myself with them so I couldn't full review them.)
BSN N.O. Xplode
(I tasted it. Didn't like it. Many people LOVE this product for working out but not me.)

(I haven't had any sinus or nasal problems to use this but I am holding onto it "just in case".)
Another product I wasn't able to try yet. Another "just in case".

Energems Mint Fusion
I would have done a video but I ate these in one sitting. Although not natural, they were a good quick boost.
Menstrual Magic 
This absolutely worked but I wasn't about to do a PMS video!
Yaff Bar Blueberry Crunch
Sooo, one night I was really hungry and somehow this bar disappeared. All I remember was that it was REALLY good! I recommend you give it a try.
Quest Bar Protein Bar
And then I followed up the Yaff Bar with this yummy chocolate desert. I really had a calorie deficiency that night!
Another one on "hold". I haven't been tipsy enough to test if this really works. Hopefully I can try it soon.
I get the concept but unfortunately I don't find it useful.

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