Transforming Fabletics Workout Clothes Into Daywear

By now you have probably heard of Fabletics, a fitness wear subscription service that delivers fashion forward yet functional workout outfits for you to tryout and buy every month. If you have already heard of Fabletics, I bet you didn’t know how transitional the workout outfits are into daywear! Fabletics actually uses this as a selling point for their products and you know what, they are seriously on to something. Yes, Daywear as in “What do I wear to work after my workout” or “I need to run some errands after I leave the gym” kind of daywear. On one end the concept sounds kind of smelly but on the other it would be so incredibly convenient. I have been receiving Fabletics for the past few months and so far I have two outfits. You can check out my review of my first Fabletics outfit here.

After working out in it a few times, I decided it was time to give it a spin in a daywear fashion. First I paired the top which is the Desio style with a pair of faux leather leggings. I figured the contrast in texture and pattern would keep with the sporty style but avoid looking like I just stepped out of the gym. I paired the look with thong sandals but it would also work well with a pair of black high heels, preferably in patent leather. 

For the second look, I paired the Desio top with a faux leather quilted skirt. The skirt has an edgy motorcycle feel to it which works well with the athletic fit of the top. Also the short length of the skirt keeps the look sexy while the full coverage of the shirt doesn’t compete with the bottom. So instead of looking like I am going to a race rally, I just like I am just embracing the feel and theme of motocross.

I have a hard time wearing leggings as daywear if they look too much like workout wear but I felt that keeping it simple would be best. So, for transforming the Asaro Leggings into something daywear chic, I went with two versions of a top. The first one is a white semi-sheer tank which simply keeps the look casual. It is a great fix for running errands after a workout.

The second look is also semi-sheer but is a button down with a draping back. The bright tangerine color definitely pops against the muted gray leggings allowing for a vibrate look without all of the extra getup.

Personally, this the look I like when I am having a lazy day - simple, vibrant and chic. Both looks work well in flats or heels and can literally take you through a number of events. Throw on a blazer, drape a shawl and switch up accessories and you have a whole new outfit. Coming up I have a new 3 piece ensemble from Fabletics. It is a shorts, tank and sports bra trio. So stay tuned!

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