Fabletics Is Making Workouts So Much More Fabulous

Desio Top

Fabletics is quickly becoming my go to fitness brand. I just wish I didn’t have to wait for a month for my next outfit! Here is my last outfit. I ran the Firecracker 10K Run in this look. This outfit is the Desio Top and the Asaro Leggings

Fabletics is part of the JustFab family that focuses on multi-functional fitness clothing. So basically, pieces that can go from the gym to the office. My outfit is more in the fitness realm but I can see how I can use the top as part of another outfit that works for daytime and possibly pairing the leggings for a chic business casual look. I’ve already got my pairing together for tomorrow’s post so look out I plan to milk this one! 

I must say, the Asaro Leggings are amazing. They have fantastic support. The fit is Medium Compression. I have worn these for an entire day and they were completely comfortable. Typically if I throw on a pair of leggings for the day, I am ready to take them off by 4pm. I think it is the Four - Way Stretch that makes them so incredibly comfortable. Also, the hidden pocket is really made well. The inner fabric doesn’t shift or get lumpy. I ran with a Metro Card inside as a test ( I figured it was better than attempting to try it out with a credit card or I.D.). The fabric is layered enough to  protect the sharp edges of the card from poking you in the hipbone. Providing you buy them in the right size; the closer is pretty snug so you don’t risk loosing anything.

The Desio Top has a really powerful and athletic fit. The cafe resistant fabric is wonderful. After 6 miles in the hills, the last thing you need is chafing. The top is actually really good for layering as well. I actually have a tank top under in these photos. 

When I purchased this outfit, I was new to Fabletics. I received a bit of s discount. I only paid $32.67 for this look. Stay tuned for my next post where I will show you so outfit combinations in order to transition from the gym to the office.

Four-Way Stretch

Asaro leggings

Four-Way Strech

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