Home Shopping Haul and Review from Fallas Paredes

You guys know how much I L.O.V.E. Fallas Paredes! In fact I love Fallas so much so that I started a new series on my blog called My Fallas Look.  You can check it out under my Fashion and Beauty section and on my Youtube Channel. This is my first haul video from My Fallas Look.com and I hope you Like - no LOVE it just as much as I loved doing it, really! 

This is a short video that is a mix of a haul video. I am featuring stuff mainly for my home and ha, ha, ha, my Kitchen - don’t laugh to hard! I am in a transition so I bought a few things to hold me over and Fallas Paredes is the best inexpensive place to get some good stuff for super cheap! Here is a list of what I purchased: 

* Salad Bowl
* Saute Pan with Cover
* 5 Pack of Washcloths
* Bag-O'lutions
* Set of Pillowcases  

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