I dare you to count your chapsticks! Which ones are your favorites? Meaning that you have purchased them more than once? Are you still holding on to a lip balm you really can’t stand? Do you find yourself applying lip balm for no apparent reason, just pulling it out mindlessly while standing in line? Or do you find yourself applying it to occupy your hands during an uncomfortable moment? 

I spent the last week self observing and people watching to see when , how and what lip balm brands people were using. I found it interesting that most of the people I caught randomly applying lip balm or chapstick were women. Men that would publicly apply some sort of lip care product seemed to be doing it out of self consciousness over having overly chapped lips. Women on the other hand just seemed to apply at random moments like between sips of coffee or while in mid sentence over a conversation at a restaurant. 

I learned that I definitely have a over drying lip issue mainly due to my lack of water consumption throughout the day. I will need to work on this. Hopefully, it will cut down my "lip care regimen" which I feel a little too comfortable actually calling it a ‘regimen’! Watch the video and i’ll tell you how much brands are making off of our little lippy mess! Oh, the glory!!

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