The Business Behind NYC Couture Fashion Week and the Laurie Elyse Collection

Couture Fashion Week New York 2014 
You may have heard and even attended Couture Fashion Week in NYC or another major city but just in case the fashion news hasn’t reached you yet with all of the “Fashion Weeks” popping up around the globe, I am going to give you a quick recap of New York Couture Fashion Week 2014. 
Show Closer for Laurie Elyse
Last month I walked in NYCFW for designer/artist, Laurie Elyse whom has been a long time client of mine. She is traditionally known for crafting true couture and avante garde pieces unlike many of todays designers whom have opted in the direction of more conventional and easy to sell collections. This season her collection was called, “Bandages” and mainly represented an expression of medical art. 

NYCFW is produced  twice a year overlapping Mercedes Benz NYFW . The multi-day event features several shows per day and hosts a number of entertainment performances by musicians, artists and the like. This year NYCFW was held at the New Yorker Hotel in which I reviewed in my previous post. New season it will be held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan. 
Finale, me with designer, Laurie Elyse
Couture, historically known as symbolism for extreme luxury, limited to a uniquely crafted piece that can only be purchased by one client at a extremely high price. In respect to NYCFW and specifically Laurie’s collection most of the pieces although each very unique, represent more of a statement, creative message and art piece rather than functional clothing (even at the highest level). It is true that the understanding of  “Couture” today means different things to different people. With the purchasing power of Couture evolving to include clients from all over the world and not just France, so does the idea and expectation of Couture. Making couture pieces is extremely labour-intensive and can be an extreme expense for the designer. Most successful Couture designers offer  more accessible versions of their Couture brands such as cosmetics, perfumes and accessories.

With collections such as Laurie’s, pieces often end up in museums or are purchased for the private collections of wealth art collectors whom have taken an interest in the artists pieces. I wanted to share with you a diagram of the materials Laurie used to create her collection. I used one of my photos from the runway show to create a diagram and label the pieces with the materials used.
Description of materials used 

Now you may asking, what is the advantage in walking in a shows such the NYCFW and  Laurie’s collection? 
Well, I will leave that for another post in the very near future! Until then, Enjoy!

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