Shecky's Ladies Night Out Part II

Remember the dress I bought at the Shecky’s event? If not, here are some photos of it below. I actually wore this after my Firecracker 10K last week. I had a go-see for the Coca-Cola/David Correy video (which I booked by the way), YAY! I will definitely post about it when it comes out. 

The dress is truly comfy. It moves well, keeps its shape even when you take it off after wearing it for several hours and I am presuming it will travel well  but I have not taken it anywhere with me as of yet so stay tuned. American Twist Los Angeles is known for making tie-dye casual fashion. I think their tie-dye dresses and t-shirts were probably their biggest selling items.Notice how I talk about them in past tense? Last I checked their store in Downtown Los Angeles is closed. So this dress was probably part of  the excess merchandise. Hence, using the Shecky’s event as a sell-off. Everywoman looks the sound of someone yelling, “$10, everything $10!”.  I wouldn’t be writing about this dress and American Twist if it were not for a more interesting objective. You know me, I know how to dig for the good stuff! As it turns out, it is made of MicroModal which is not only eco-friendly but extra soft and durable. Might I add that it is also VERY see-through! You should wear black or nude (only if the nude matches your skin tone) undies under this dress. 

The MicroModal contains Carbon Dioxide Neutral Softness through the use of Edelweiss Technology, making the entire production of the material environmentally efficient. MicroModal is made by Lenzing, a world leading supplier in cellulose fibers for the textile industry.  Lenzing was founded in 1892 and today remains dominant (although largely invisible) in most of our daily purchases, including fashion. 

From tampons, medical supplies, filters for food, beverages, oil, air conditioners, cigarettes, heating and so much more - we often do not associate such material used to make a tie-dye tank dress with applications like the ones I listed. However, behind the business of fashion is an incredible, intertwinement of relationships with other industries. Modal is widely used in India and throughout Europe in clothes but in the U.S. it is still mainly being used in domestic and personal use goods. Seeing it being toted alongside the American Twist tag definitely illustrates that the textile is making its way into the clothing market in the U.S.a more prominently even if American Twist is out of business but who knows! As it goes in fashion, the company could be rebranding, reinventing or just doing something completely different.

To tie this all together, remember I mentioned that this dress is see-through and you should heavily consider the type and color choice of undies you pair with this dress? Apparently the Modal fabrics is making moves into under garments for men and women. So, if you happen to buy this dress, than you can totally feel like your doing the environment some good by matching your Modal undies too! 

Made by: American Twist Los Angeles

Color: Black/White Tie Dye

Price: $10

Materials: Lenzing MicroModal

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