Food & Travel Review: New Yorker Hotel, Pod39 and for the Love of Coffee

Nothing pairs together better than travel, hotels, snow and coffee! While in New York City a few weeks ago, I found myself in a love vs. hate cycle of trying to make myself feel at home between two different hotels and staying warm but yet functional while bunkering the snow storm that took over the city.

After NYFW, I decided it was easier (and cheaper) to stay in the city a few extra days than get stuck in airports across the country frustrated by delays, blizzards and grounded planes. I attempted to escape to Florida to no avail and instead snuggled up on Murray Hill at the Pod 39. After spending the first leg of my trip in the bustling heart of the NYFW at the New York Hotel, which was still hosting shows throughout the weekend; I wanted a little peace and quiet and to be quite frank, I didn’t want to wear makeup or high heels for a few days and I didn’t want anyone to see too much of me - God forbid!

I ended up with the best of both worlds - spending two nights in one of the most historically fashionable hotels in NYC and two nights in one of Manhattan’s trendy, efficient and budget friendly hotels. In between blizzards, I managed to taste test a coffee or two..ok more like half a dozen but who is counting!

Here are some photos and tips if you are planning to stay at the New Yorker Hotel or the Pod39.


It is great to be in such a historic place. The Art Deco style automatically adds a level of glamour and significance to your stay. Thank goodness for good beds and great views! As much as I needed a day off, if it wasn’t for my love of fashion, I would have stayed in bed watched the snow fall all day. There are plenty of floor to ceiling mirrors in the hotel, making it great for selfies and the occasional makeup touchups.

- Get a map! Not just for the City but for the Hotel itself. I spent years in NYC and have probably had meetings, castings and attended events in the New Yorker Hotel a million times but nothing beats actually staying there and getting lost, especially if you have to regularly travel between rooms on different floors - in heels!

- Go outside to Eat! Hotel food can be risky. You never know what you are in for until you get there. Maybe I have been spoiled but exotic meals and extremely fresh produce by I would like to think I still have my hustle about me. Nevertheless, considering the prices and the quality of food, definitely plan to eat outside of the New Yorker. After all, it is NYC and there are tons of eateries to explore.

- Bring a fan! No seriously - bring a fan because there is no ventilation in the bathrooms and your room will smell like shower sweat if you don’t. Credit where credit is due, the New Yorker Hotel has undergone a tremendous turn around in recent years and is still undergoing improvements.

- Bring extra towels. Understandably, the hotels was extremely full and the staff was probably stretched to the max with all of the  models, designers, makeup artist - you get my point but unless you are willing to track down room service two floors down to get a fresh set of towels before you shower, I suggest you pack a back up set of your own.

- Never leave without I.D. Not even to the front desk. This may seem like a no brainer but if you’re thinking that you are just going downstairs fro a cup of coffee "its no big deal”, think again or plan to have someone in your room who can verify that you are who you say you are. Once you go past the security guards in the lobby, be prepared to show your room key and I.D. before you head back up or call your room to verify your staying there….just saying!

- Pick another option of coffee! You know I had to throw this one in. Not every hotel carries great coffee but consider this a warning and be prepared!

- Cash is King! I admit, I have always been quite lazy about carrying cash and this was one of those times. If you are planning on leaving your luggage with the concierge upon checkout or until your transportation arrives, be sure to carry cash. It is only a few bucks ($2 per bag) but this fee can not be added to your room charges or credit card. Hopefully this changes in the future. (As of February 2014.)

Oh, How I love the Miami trend in The City! Honestly, this is what it felt like staying at the Pod39. Pod39 is a bright, hip and trendy hotel with lots of really cool looking people bustling about. There is a divvy bar/restaurant adjacent from the lobby called Salvation Taco. If I was in LA I would have definitely wanted to try it out but being back in NYC, the last thing I wanted to have was a taco! This is of course no fault of their own. How could they have known! Haha!

The truth of the matter is that I have very, very little to complain about Pod39 ( if you want to consider a review a fashionable form of a complaint board than you are going to be very disappointed my friend). I think what made Pod39 so great was that it isn’t too much hotel to handle and you are pretty much left to your own devices.

I really thought the room construction was quite clever. I may sound a bit lame considering that most people opt for huge rooms in which I am rather numb. I never had to ‘dorm’ experience so a room so small was kind of fun considering I had a room with my own bathroom as opposed to having the “real” dorm experience.

 My favorite two things about Pod39 was the view and the bathroom.  

- Pharmacopia! Thank you for caring about my skin as much as I do!

- Great view for snow fall watching!

- The Free Wifi was great!

- Room service was dependable. They literally came the same time everyday which was impressive.

- Bringing the Heat! The personal climate control kept me cozy!

- Media Center kept me charged up and all my gadgets in one place.

- I missed the Rooftop :( Next time for sure!

- So much LA Love! Everyone that found out I was from LA but originally from NYC showed more love!

Pod39 Words of Wisdom: Don’t bring too much luggage!

Part of the reason this hotel worked out for me so well this trips was because I wasn’t planning on staying too long and I didn’t have more than one suitcase. This is definitely a “single” life or ‘couple’ homeland not for more than a week max.

This clock was completely wrong. The date should have been February 17, 2014.

Lastly, in case you are curious about my wanderlust for coffee, here are some mugshots from some neighboring Cafe Houses around The City!

 Perk Kafe

I mixed it up and tried both their Soy Latte and Cappuccino

Yummy Scone from Perk Kafe

Grace Street

Small but yummy!

Dean & Deluca

Lucid Cafe

 Soy Latte - Counter Culture
Soy Latte
 More information about both hotels and Cafe Houses can be found at the following links:

The Pod Hotel 39www.thepodhotel.com145 East 39th Street (between 3rd Ave & Lexington Ave)New York, NY 10016212.865.5700


New Yorker Hotelwww.newyorkerhotel.com481 8th Avenue & 34th Street New York City, New York 10001212-971-0101

Perk Kafe
162 E 37th St.
New York, NY 10016
(212) 686-7375

Grace Street
17 W 32nd St
b/t Broadway & 5th Ave (Midtown West, Koreatown)
New York, NY 10001

Dean & Deluca

Lucid Cafe
311 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016
(212) 867-3490

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