Why is my Canoli so lonely? Well, because it needs a companion of course and what better mate than warm slab of garlic butter and bread. Yes, thats right. They make a perfect match. Just like in the fairy tale, every night when the Dish that ran away with the Spoon.

When the sun comes up, where can you find these two love birds? Well at Colori Kitchen of course.

What a cozy little place for a double date. Between me and my mate we got so acquainted with the two at the next plate that we almost felt compelled to share in our little trip down storybook lane.

Colori Kitchen is fun adventure that makes you feel like you transcended time and travelled to Italy. It reminds you of an old movie (and not the ones of the Italians in Brooklyn) but the ones that are in a foreign language and make you feel all warm and cozy inside. Kind of like a romantic comedy! Yes, that's it a romantic comedy but only in Italian. Ok maybe I am fantasizing way too much but really Colori Kitchen puts you in that place.
After our Canoli and Garlic date, we were singing all the way home like Mary Poppins. Even 3 days later my husband was still romancing over how wonderful the Canolis were and for a Spaniard thats a Godly sized miracle.

Next time your feeling a little lonely and want to get away, take a scenic drive and an evening walk Downtown Los Angeles and have a double date with the Dish and the Spoon. They will be waiting for you ;)

Colori Kitchen, 429 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014

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