Num Pang Yum, Yum! My Review of Num Pang in New York City!

Curry Red Lentil Soup and Roasted Japanese Yam Sandwich
Being back in NYC is definitely the perfect time to catch up on my Zagat ratings. Since, it is so cold here I have been having a serious carb craving! I mean serious! But since it is in the middle of Fashion Week, I had to be slightly cautious of my eating habits when it comes to breads. So, after my last show, I was damn near dying from the cold and my brittle bones. News made its way to me in LA about a Cambodian sandwich shop that was quite popular around The City. Luckily, while trying to figure out dinner plans for Saturday night, I Yelp’d and discovered one of the locations was right around the corner from my hotel. Yay! SO, I hopped in my rain/snow boots and ran right over. Well, not quite running but you get my vibe!

Num Pang Menu at 41rst & Lex
The Num Pang Sandwich Shop specialized in VERY fresh Made to Order traditional Cambodian sandwiches. Now you guys know how I love my Southeast Asian food! When I visited the website, I already new what I was ordering. I told myself I was going to limit it to the soup but that all changed when I walked through the doors. I ordered the Curry Red Lentil Soup and the Roasted Japanese Yam Sandwich (which is a seasonal special).

The vibe of the place was very island like. For a moment, I thought the place

might have been run by some Caribs because it definitely had a caribbean theme to it. There is a lot of synergy in the vibe of  Southeast Asian countries and the caribbean so the feeling you get is not too off when you step into the place.

Num Pang means “bread” or “sandwich” but I swear it should mean “kick ass chili mayo sauce”. I am not one for mayo and honestly I must have overlooked that part when I was looking at the menu.  It wasn’t until I took my first bite that I realized there was something soooo creamy and yummy on my bread. Not to mention every layer of flavor from all of the ingredients in my Curry Red Lentil Soup.

The signature chili mayo sauce is served on every sandwich along with cucumber, pickled asian carrots and cilantro. The bread is a toasted semolina flour baguette. It was not as heavy as I thought it was going to be. However, the soup was much thicker than I expected.  I was expecting a traditional lentil soups that would be consistent but not so pureed. Upon my first taste, I thought there was a blend of beans or sweet potato puree added to the soup but it is not listed in the ingredients so I don’t think there was. If urged that the Curry Red Lentil Soup ingredients pureed together probably gave the soup the extra thick consistency. Nonetheless, the soup was really good. It had a spicy kick to it which made my sides of spicy sauce useless. The large size is rather big and can definitely be a meal by itself. So for $5.75 you are really getting your money’s worth. The sandwich included,you definitely have two meals. I’m not trying to starve you or put you on a diet but the food is rather filling although both the sandwich and soup were vegetarian. Together, the meal was $14.70 and honestly I won’t need to eat until Monday!

What I Ordered:Curry Red Lentil Soup (lg)
Made with: Pickled Red Cabbage, Carrots, Cilantro, Fried Shallots
Price: $5.75

What I Ordered: Roasted Japanese Yam Sandwich (6 inches)
Made with: Semolina flour baguette, pickled asian carrots, cilantro Sauteed Swiss Chard (Chili Soy and chili mayo sauce.
Price: $7.75

Total out the door: $14.70 (not including tip).

140 E. 41st Street
(Btw. Lexington & 3rd Ave)

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