My Crazy Night at Shecky's Ladies Night Out!!

What a way to reunite with old girlfriends! Shecky’s is a no boys allowed, no children - women only shopping, drinking and party event. Actually, I should have listed Shecky;s description in the following order: drinking, shopping and partying event! Oh well! I really found it amusing that most of the people running the event were men and obviously all of the attendees are women. 

Here is formal account of what was in my Swag bag:
  • (3) bags of Ginnyminis from Ginny Bakes ( chocolate chip love and butter crisp love)
  • Zico Chocolate Coconut Water
  • La Croix Water (Natural Lemon)
  • (2) double packs of Softlips (Wildberry, Cherry, Vanilla and Pearl)
  • (2) Colgate Total Mouthwash (travel size)
  • Dove Conditioner (full size)
  • ImPress Press-On Nails by Kiss 
  • Tampax Radiant Tampons
  • Always Radiant Pantyliners
  • Waking Up Married by Mira Lynn Kelly
  • Beautiful You Magazine by Nerium
  • (2) U by Kotex Get With Generation Know Bracelets (which I finally figured out what it is all about)
  • Astroglide Natural 
  • Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream 

So now that I have FINALLY figured out what the Kotex "Know" bracelet is all about I’ll fill you in just in case you were as blind, deaf and dumb as me.  Kotex started an initiative to help young women king through puberty become more aware and empowered about their bodies as they go through physical, emotional and hormonal changes that accompany transforming from a girl into a woman and continues throughout life. Wearing the “Know” is representative of creating social change about how women’s bodies are treated and represented. Unfortunately, it seems that Kotex as ended the campaign in which they were giving away these bracelets. Here is a closeup of the bracelet if you have never seen it before. 

I think what disappointed me was that most of the items in the swag bag were not from the vendors but were samples mainly from big product companies. I kind of like the whole discovery process of trying a new unheard of product for the first time. Considering that most of the vendors at Shecky’s where clothing and accessory vendors, it wasn’t likely they would have any samples to include in the swag bag anyway. The most impressive swag bag items was probably the Ginnyminis because they were the newest company in the lot of swag products.

Actually the cookies were pretty good. I’m not a food junkie and don’t go for these kind of things as much but were light and tasty.  They are a little dry but I expect that considering there isn’t any additives, preservatives and they are gluten-free.  You can eat a bag or 3 without feeling guilty. Yet you can just eat one cookie and fill happy!

The Shecky’s events isn’t the only thing happening. Their website has a lot going on too. From beauty, dating and career advice; Shecky’s also features a shop that lets you buy or borrow clothing and accessories from the Shecky’s Closet. It is a similar model to Rent The Runway and a few other e-tail lenders. 

Well, that is a wrap on Shecky’s. If you want to see if there is a ladies night out event coming to your town? Check out for information.

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