Activewear Tops from Fallas Paredes

Maybe this is "My Fallas Not-So-Look"!

Thank GOD this isn't made by a national brand name or I think I would go on strike with the nurses union. Apparently, what I thought was a GREAT idea at first turned out to be an utter incredibly silly purchase but I admit- I make mistakes! Trying out these tops made for a humiliating run through the city. The first top I wore while running with the  running group (the black one). Luckily there were only 6 of us. When I decided to test out the white version as I felt it was necessary because of the variation of texture and thickness (I was hoping for a more comfortable feel), I made sure I ran alone-early in the morning so no one would spot the lady running in her nurses uniform. Well, on the positive side at least I can hold onto  these two tops for some random photos shoot or something. Worst case scenario I can cut them up and use them for cleaning rags! 

I couldn't event bring myself to take a happy photo! geez....

Oh and there isn't much business to talk about for this beast. Honestly I thought the fabric claims were worth the time. However, if there is one element to business to learn from the clothing manufacturer  it would be what to do with all of this left over inventory that didn't sell? Union Square NYC that seems to be liquidating their inventory on eBay and a few other sites...and of course at Fallas. Just in case you are as adventurous as me, i'll save you the trip.

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