Target's Best Snowday Ever: Should This Be An Annual Nationwide Event?

Me and the Snowman Reunite
I realize I look like a 8th Grader who just found out that school has been cancelled for an official snowday. I haven’t hugged a real snowman since 2004. Actually, I haven’t seen snow since December 2003. I have no regrets but a stroll down memory lane really enlivened my holiday spirit. Apparently I have forgotten how to dress for such events!

In all seriousness, this was a wonderful idea created by Target and LA Live that really added another layer to building community between corporate enterprise and residential communities. DTLA has transformed tremendously over the past several years largely due to major corporation such as Target willing to jump in and courageous Angelinos ready to transform the sprawling LA suburbia into something new that is hard to classify as ‘urban’…yet. Which leads me to the concept of Target hosting similar events in various communities across the country. 

Target does a lot of community outreach within the geographical areas in which they have stores. I always like to think of Target as a glamorized Walmart that just does everything really well and in the right timing. Their Best Snowday Ever came right on time when the DTLA community is expanding more than ever. LA Live has always been a convergence of residents and local tourist venturing out for something a ‘little different' but hosting an event as such definitely drives customer loyalty. In fact, I went to Target after my fun in the snow. Hey, I needed socks!

What would happen if a retailer like Target became a hub for communities through hosted events such as this? Considering that Target sponsored the entire event bringing in tons of snow (I heard it was 17,000 pounds), building a 30-ft sledding hill, carnival style games with holiday themed twists, yummy treats and quite a few give aways for FREE; it shows there is a define investment and commitment to the DTLA community. It is also very costly. Like me, I can imagine how many attendees patronized Target after they partied at LA Live. 

Target Pop-up Tree in Red
There was excellent product placement throughout the event. I spotted these pop-up Christmas Trees.  It isn’t easy to recognize them standing versus in the box. I was considering purchasing one a few days ago during a Target trip but wasn’t quite sure how they would look once out of the box and expanded.   If, you have seen theme and were curious about how they would look, here they are. They come in several colors - red, blue, green, white and in some stores purple ( They are priced between $20-$30 ranging in size. We know event such as these are great show pieces for merchandise. They are also very creative leading to a ton of ideas for attendees to be inspired. 

DJ Hapa Spinning on Target
The music was quite good. A bit of mix from holiday pop and R&B.  The DJ is DJ Hapa ( It was truly like a disco on snow. We were really excited about the hot chocolate that came in so many flavors. The best was the Archer Farms Coconut Macaron Hot Cocoa Mix. If you have never tried it before, give it s shot! 
There is cocoa in this cup! 

Maybe it would be a bit carried away to attempt to organize these type of events in every major city. I mean Macy’s doesn’t do the Thanksgiving Parade in every city where there is a Macy’s but events such as these are definitely worth sharing with the world. 

Happy Holidays Everybody!


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