Happy Hour Review of Sixth Street Tavern in DTLA

If you are ever in pain, just hop on by the Sixth Street Tavern and ask for a Painkiller. No kidding this is the best drink on the menu. That is if you like rum and coconut but who doesn’t? Earlier this year, this place was transformed from a pizza, beer and wine lunch and happy hour spot (Urbano) to a full on bar with food on the side. Since, it has found greater success serving up remedies for pain and geographical locations such as the West Side and the California Sour. 

Sixth Street Tavern is owned by the ACME Group who also own the neighboring Library Bar (and I mean so close that you can walk out of the door of the Sixth Street Tavern and into the Library Bar). Your feet barely touch the pavement. So if you are so tipsy that you worry about walking in your heels, no need. It is literally like doing the two-step on the curb. The place attracts after work happy hour goers and a lot of college aged young adults (code for undergrads) that just reached drinking age. It is not much of a sophisticated spot which definitely helps break up the crowd between the Library Bar and Sixth Street Tavern and leaves room for them not to compete or overlap too much. 

Collectively, you have probably patronized some of their other locations such as King Eddy Saloon or Spring Street Bar which are only block apart but offer different food and drink menus. If you are in or on the skirts of the Financial District and want a place to grab a tasty cocktail, watch a game or catch up with a few friends, Sixth Street Tavern bridges a  community of workers with a neighborhood of residents. 

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