Cafe Dulce Doesn't Need a Review But Here Goes!

Life in the Sweet Lane....
I’ve been to Cafe Dulce many of times since my migration to DTLA but today I am feeling rather sweet on them because my Soy Latte was mysteriously extra lovely! Maybe it was the bunny rabbit latte art! Maybe it was the unbelievable combination of bacon and donut frosting! Or more likely both…yummy!

Honestly, I had never been to Cafe Dulce when the line has been short. Expect to get in line outside the front door! Cafe Dulce humbly titles themselves “The Best Coffee in Little Tokyo” but I would reckon to suggest they are definitely a DTLA contender at large.  People come from all over to turn their frowns upside down on some sweet house-made pastries. Famously known for their Rotis which are utterly amazing; I opted to have a holiday adventure and try their bacon donut hole. I have been refraining from taking the plunge for nothing more than diet reasons but I didn’t let that get in my way today. Nope, not at all!

What makes Cafe Dulce a heat experience all over is everyones great attitude! The entire team is enthusiastic throughout the day. I have been in the mooring, midday and evening before they close and never has the vibe been well…off. Which tells me that everyone really wants to be there. Everyone shares an appreciation for coffee and pastries. I have also noticed that they have a very special attention to detail. This is not the first time that my coffee has gotten accessorized with latte art - every time with different design.

134 Japanese Village Plaza, Building E
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: 213-346-9910

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