Take Out Thai In St. Louis, A Solemn Review of Thai Kitchen in St. Peters, Missouri


Yum Yai Salad
     My second night in Missouri had me a bit pooped so I decided to order in. I asked the Hotel front Desk for recommendations but that was limited to American style fast food Chinese. Many years of living in NYC has taught me you never know what you are going to get -it just might be yellow fried rice and I'm not talking about curry. My other option was Domino's Pizza....moving right along, I opted for neither. 
        I ventured to Google to search for another meaningful meal experience as the one I had at Cooper Chimney. Tonight's choice, Thai Kitchen in St. Peter's. Honestly, the reviews on this place were sketchy. It was almost unanimously decided by foodie reviewers that the service was going to be basic if not poor. I would be lucky to get better.

I ordered the:

  Tom Kha Kai (4.95), a creamy coconut based soup with pieces of shredded tender chicken and mushrooms.

Tom Kha Kai
   Yum Yai Salad ($8.50), a romaine lettuce, cucumber, what seemed like boiled cut up chicken breast, a hard boiled egg topped with sweet peanut dressing. On an after thought it should have opted for the Thai Kitchen Salad which is almost the same as the Yum Yai Salad except the chicken would have come marinated.

               I also ordered the Som Tam (Papaya Salad) ($7.95) mainly because I needed to order more than $20 worth of food in order to get it delivered. Overall the salad was mediocre at best. 

 Immediately when I called I could relate to what many if the previous customers were talking about in terms of rude and less than gracious service. The gentleman who answered the phone was sharp and abrasive. I asked if they delivered and he replied, "Yes" but forgot to tell me about the delivery charge that they padded my bill with. Then  after I placed my initial order I was informed that I had to order a minimum of $20. That is how I ended up with the Som Tam Salad. He barked out that my bill was $27.... And how was I a going to pay for this. Mind you, not how would I like to pay for this. 

   I can sympathize if this occurred based from a language barrier but I gathered that language was not his barrier. He still hadn't told me about the delivery fee. I was a bit perplexed with how a   $21.40 order would come to a $27.....so after I hung up with him I quickly calculated that there had to be a $5 delivery fee tacked on to the bill. I wasn't interested in debating the issue or searching for another restaurant that delivered so just ate the jacked up fee and waited for my delivery. 

Som Tam
             Here are some photos from my delivery. The soup was the best part honestly. They could have filled the cup up to the top. I should have ordered 4 different soups. If there is a next time, I will be sure to do that. For those of you visiting from out of town; beware of the hostile order taker, stay away from the Papaya Salad (it has no papayas) and expect a delivery fee whether it is mentioned or not. I recommend you stick with soup.

Thai Kitchen St. Peters

3899-B Veterans Memorial Pkwy.
St. Peters, MO 

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