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Nothing beats a pampered beauty.

As beautiful, clean, streamlined and chic as Vertigo Salon is, I found my visit to be it incredibly exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. 

After 1rst visit
There seems to be a very talented group of young women there who definitely enjoy the execution of beauty precision except for one area - it was a incredibly long visit! They were the highlight of my time spent there. The ladies of Vertigo were incredibly accommodating, friendly and I must say patient because I was recovering from a three day cold that left  in its exit a lingering cough.

As you readers already know, there is always a subtext of "business" philosophy tied into all of my blogs and videos and as much as I truly enjoyed the conversation, atmosphere and delights of offering including mimosas, champagne, tea and water, I cringe at the fact that I spent 3 and half hours there. I want to make all of the excuses in the world for this lovely adventure like, "I'm glad my afternoon meeting got cancelled" or "thank goodness I don't have to drive home and hit traffic" but honestly I know better. In the nail  business, time isn't money -it's service and product. The better the skill of the technicians and the more prestigious the environment- the higher the price. 

Vertigo is not set up to be an express salon such as other Downtown venues. It is arranged like a modern, minimalistic luxury salon - even more so than Neihule. The exclusive Penthouse space of Vertigo is meant to be a retreat from the City minus the Spa elements. Ritz Carlton Spa @ LA Live it is not in terms of a Urban "get away" but it is a place meant to be enjoyed and savored in style. 

At the price point of $65.00 for a Gel Manicure and Spa Pedicure it is double the price at Nail Place, triple what I have paid at Nails On 9th (depending on how much they feel like charging on any given day) and competitive with Neihule give or take. 

They completely redid my nails the next morning!
As for the quality of my nails :(. I have to say, I was really excited about the potential. I had recently seen one of my girlfriends Instagram photos from her trip to Vertigo and was impressed. I was extremely excited about the bottomless mimosa's although I am an extreme lightweight. There is not better way to say this, so ill just stop beating around the bush and pit it out. My gel manicure was terrible. However, my pedicure was adorable and my feet felt like babies feet. I don't like to just say something is bad without giving an explanation and proof which is why I posted photos.  The edges of nails close to the cuticle were very uneven. After a few hours the polish began to crack and by the next morning every fingernail had cracks all through the polish. I phoned into Vertigo to ask if they would redo my nails because they had cracked and they were so accommodating. It was late in the afternoon and they were able to redo my nails! 

I would recommend visiting Vertigo when you can spare several hours to really enjoy the experience. Although it is a young business lead by trendy team of beauty service professionals. For more information about Vertigo and their services, visit

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