Salon On Main DTLA Resident's Appreciation Soiree

I grabbed a snack and made sure I had my glass of wine close by.
The neighborhood salon that L.O.V.E.'s YOU! Salon On Main has been around for a minute…well more like 6 or so years according my hairstylist of the evening. Salon On Main loves  Downtown residents so much that they threw us not a party but a Soiree! Oh yes, with mood lighting and everything. It was the perfect opportunity to cuddle up with a glass of red and get your hair done and that is what I did, Yay!

Check out the photos. It was a great gesture and a wonderful way for a local business to show their appreciation for the people that will more than likely patronize the business for years to come and honestly as a consumer, it makes you appreciate them even more!

Salon On Main
403 S. Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
I was so entertained that i didn't notice we were half done

We are done but I am a bit tipsy so don't mind this photo :)

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