Puma has a way of making you feel like a track star! These 'ocean blues', as I have nicknamed them are neatly balanced between being over the top flamboyant in color and just bright enough to be worn as safety reflectors for a refreshing evening run.  I am an avid runner and I change my shoes regularly to try out different fits and how they work with my feet.

At one time I was a die hard Puma lover and I would have to say that with all of the new sneakers being made for running; I have found it becoming more and more difficult to stay loyal but I found these "ocean blues" on discount at a time when I was in need of a change. I found them for $29.99 in Fellas Parades but on online the lowest I have yet to see them is $59.99.  I think Puma as a brand has declined a bit compared to their competitors but I remain, if not 100% loyal - a supporting fan!

Although Puma no longer offers these running sneakers on their website, you can find these Puma online in this model or newer ones at the links below.


Shoes on the web:

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