Herstyler Superstyler Review and Demo

HAIR! Having hair that can be modeled into any style is in deed a blessing but nothing is more wonderful than having the tools to make our lives easier. There are so many tools on the market from the industry heavy weight, Chi to more economy brands - its all about price and convenience. I had never heard about a Herstyler before I moved to Downtown LA but now I am hooked! I happen to like it more than my Chi. Surprising I know! 

Herstyler seems to be more durable. I have a lot of hair and my Herstyler seems to be holding up better than my CHI has. For the price I paid for my CHI, I do expect it to last forever! It seems like my Herstyler is going to out live my CHI even adding it the fact that it has travelled extensively, been dropped, wet and who knows what else. I intend to add a few more Herstyler products to my collection of hair tools. I will keep you posted on their reviews!

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Rebecca Lau said…
I love Herstyler!! I bought my straightener in purple, mini straightener in zebra, and their interchangeable wand 3 years ago. They all still work to this day. :) My old roommate borrowed the mini straightener to use on his bangs.