Birchbox May 2013 Unboxing and Review

I was a bit excited and antsy to see what was inside my very first Birchbox! I have read so much about Birchbox and came to the conclusion that it was definitely worth the $10 investment to explore some new products I may have been a bit hesitant to buy in full size. So lets start with what is in my box, shall we?

May 2013 Birchbox

  • Deva Curl Sample Package (each at 1fl. oz.)
  • Acroball Pure White by Pilot ($4.60 for 2 pack)
  • Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste (0.5 oz, approximate retail value $2.10)
  • Coola SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face (0.32oz,  approximate retail value $4.33
  • Sumita Saletti Contrast Eyeliner - Charcoal Grey (0.024oz, approximate retail value $5.25)

My favorite item in this Birchbox was definitely the DevaCurl Sample Package.  I was a bit disappointed by the Acroball Pure White pen to be honest - definitely not what I was expecting but ok this is my first Brichbox so I am going to 'go with it',right? Right! Until I got to the Sumita Saletti Contrast Eyeliner. I love eyeliners so I was almost giddy like a schoolgirl and then I went to take the cap off and the tip of the eyeliner fell off! :( (More about that in my review about Sumita). 

Ahem...Moving on to the Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste. I have to be honest. I have purchased this product before so I am very familiar with it. However, I do appreciate the product inclusion and I must say this is my second favorite item in my this box. The last item in my Birchbox is a Coola SPF sample. I have never used Coola so I am looking forward to the experiment. It is a rather small tube to try and decide if I want a full size or not but hey, again - I will go with it and see.

Overall, the excitement of the DevaCurl and the complete combined deflation of the Acroball pen and the Sumite eyeliner left me indifferent to the Birchbox as a whole. Nonetheless, as I promise to try out the products, deliver "True Reviews" and at the same time share some interesting knowledge about the companies behind the brands stay tuned for a breakdown of each item featured in tho May 2013's Birchbox!


Deva Curl Kit 

     Brand Site -  ($29.95)

     Amazon -  ($22.95)

Marvis Classic Mint Toothpaste ($6 -10.50)

Coola SPF 30 Cucumber Moisturizer for Face ($32.00 for 1.7oz) 

Pilot Pen - ($4.60)

Sumita Saletti Contrast Eyeliner-Charcoal Grey ($11.00 for full size) 

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