Meet Me At The Association in DTLA!

Was totally tipped. To the Right was the culprit ;)
It is the Best Late Night Hide-A-Way in DTLA! 
This was definitely a night to remember! DTLA Rendezvous (Carrie Cheung) hosted a DTLA Residents & Friends Social Hour at The Association. This has probably been the most memorable event of the summer mainly because of how tipsy I got during the Cocktail Class. So, the class was supposed to be for pairs but I ventured out solo meaning that I basically got three cocktails to myself instead of sharing with a pair. I was not expecting these drinks to be as strong as they were and that is what made the night so exciting.

This class was lead by Alexander Liberman and Kevin Felker. They demonstrated three signature cocktails: A Whiskey Sour, Gin Martini and a Daiquiri. None of these cocktails are made with premixes and the Martini was made with Gin, not Vodka.
 I literally could not feel my feet after the first one (humorously). After the second one, I definitely could not stand up and after the third..well, you may have just laid me down on the pretty couches because between the whiskey, gin and rum I was completely done.

So much so that a fellow DTLA Rendezvouser  was kind enough to escort me up to Artisan House which is upstairs above The Association. I ordered the biggest burger to bring down my tipsiness before I headed home.

Besides my light-weight inability to handle such cocktails, The Association is like a drinking secret society. The ambience of this place is seductive yet serious. The Association has a masculine texture like a Men’s Only Bar but it definitely is not. Women seem to really like this place. There are a lot of speak easy inspired venues popping up and although The Association does not promote itself as such. It is more of a mix of a hide-a-way and a Man Men power room. The Association is great for a late night cocktail or a small rendezvous but I would recommend it for a crazy night on the town. It has too much class.


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