Coola Sunscreen Sample Review | Birchbox May 2013

Before receiving my May Birchbox, I had never heard the Coola company but after getting familiar with the product and the mission of the company, I must say that Coola became way COOL despite their hefty price tag for less than 2 0z. of sunscreen. I specifically really fell for their locally sourced and sustainable business model and honestly that justified to me why I should pay $32 for 1.7oz versus defaulting to a $10-12 product such as Neutrogena's Sheer Liquid Daily Sunscreen. 

Of course there is always room to evolve and grow for companies pursuing the best ingredients in the purest forms. As the Farm to Face initiatives within the beauty industry catch up with the Farm to Table movement of the culinary and restaurant businesses; it is clear that science, technology and policy are collaborating to improve how manufacturing cosmetics, food and nutrition products effect us through and through. The focus is no longer on what products can do to preserve our youth and elongate our lives but more on how the ingredients of products are not only effecting us on levels beneath the skin but also in our surrounding environments. 

I guess you can say if Coola is any indication, than the beauty industry is becoming accountable for its entire manufacturing and distribution chain through a Plant Protection Policy. Some may argue that I am not revealing anything new. Perhaps for beauty insiders I am not as these innovations have been in the pipeline for many years. Yet for the general public of beauty consumers, much of the developments among locally sourced and sustainable beauty products is a bit out of reach and these consumers may choose "price" over "purpose" when shopping for routine products such as sunscreen. 

I have to confess, even as a model who is highly conscious of the positives and negatives of the sun; I regularly chose a wide brimmed hat and sunglasses over a bottle of sunscreen. Growing up 'chemical conscious' has always pushed me to the side of caution when faced with the option of applying products to my skin. Now with more selections of products with more natural components, we can all opt for a cleaner-greener beauty regime.

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